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    Sign The Petition & Help Us Get
    The International Hip Hop Parade Approved!

    For too long the Birthplace of Hip Hop Culture has been acknowledged as the legacy without the celebration and benefits that Hip Hop has created in the world. We intend for the Bronx, New York, to be recognized as the place where Hip Hop was born. This recognition should include an annual parade in the Bronx to commemorate where this cultural movement came from. The purpose of this petition is to make a bold statement so all our voices can be heard all over the world.

    Thank you for taking an interest in supporting IHHP by signing this petition. Your signature will be added to the many that feel the necessity of having this parade. Our board members urge you to support this cause.

    These are facts that we should recognize. Without Hip Hop, where would these individuals be?

    Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Dr Dre, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Stephen Hill, Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Lovine, P Diddy, Debra Lee, David Mays, Dr. Cornel West, Kevin Powell, Ice Cube, Ice T, among many other list goes on.

    Therefore, we, the Board Members of IHHP: Al Pizarro, Tony Tone, Spyder D, Afrika Bambaataa, Sal Abbatiello, Freedom Williams, Greg Nice, DJ Red Alert, Amad Henderson, Joe Conzo, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Lord Finesse, Charlie Chase, Violeta Galagarza, Grandwizard Theodore, and Zulu King Slone, do hereby affix our names to this petition for an annual Hip Hop Parade in the Bronx.

    Join your name to ours. Your signature will make a difference.       http://ihhparade.org/petition-support-the-international-hip-hop-parade/